Altar of Stone - Registration

By accessing the Altar of Stone forums, you agree to be legally and spiritually bound by the following guidelines. If you do not agree to the terms, your soul is forfeit.

We may change these at any time and we’ll consider doing our utmost to inform you, though it would be prudent to review this regularly yourself as your continued usage of the Altar of Stone forums after changes mean you agree to be legally bound by these terms as they are updated and/or amended.

    1. First and foremost, this site is dedicated to the veneration of Blood. There is the entirety of the remainder of the Internet in which to mock and belittle Blood. It will not happen here. Any tactless and repeated mockery of Blood will result in immediate account termination.

    2. Naturally, any attempts to interfere with the standard operation of the site will be strongly opposed. If any evidence is found tied to such behaviours, the offending accounts will be banned and, if deemed necessary, the IP addresses forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

    3. Altar of Stone does not condone theft or the posting of harmful software. Refrain from posting links to cracks, malicious software or sites which give access to media illegally.

    4. Any posting which is deemed deleterious to the well-being of the Altar of Stone community is strongly discouraged, and repeated cases of such posting will be dealt with appropriately.

    5. Off-topic discussion is permitted within reason. The forums are intended to be enjoyable and community-oriented, but try not to veer off-topic for too long. If a thread spirals out of control and loses sight of its original discussion point, people involved will be warned. If off-topic discussion continues, the offending posts will be deleted, or the thread will be locked.

    6. "Memes", useless posts and spam are permitted within reason. Altar of Stone is intended to be fun, but it is also intended as a haven against many disturbing and destructive trends which are pervasive in other parts of the Internet. While these sorts of posts will be tolerated to some degree, if the entire existence of a user seems bent around creating absolutely nothing worthy of discussion, their involvement will be reviewed.

    7. Blood at the time of its release was considered a dark game targeting adults. To this end, the Altar of Stone website can be considered to be populated by adults (for the most part). This site is not intended for a sensitive audience. If a bit of horror and its partners, gore and nudity within a horror context disturb you, then this site is not recommended viewing. Having said that, any prolific, wanton and unconstructive posting of gore and nudity is discouraged. Use your discretion.

    8. Endless argumentation is discouraged. The site is all for healthy debates regarding any topic under the sun, but if discussions devolve into pointless mud-slinging, and if they spill over into inappropriate and unrelated threads, action will be taken.

    9. In keeping with the policy of attempting to treat the community as adults, the official policy on speech is that anything goes. We support "free speech" in the truest sense - free of bias or political leanings. Altar of Stone officially subscribes to no political or religious affiliation. However, if all you have to offer the website is swearing, your continued existence will come into question.

Operation of the forums requires that your registration information be kept in a guarded vault. As a user, you agree to submit your information with explicit knowledge that that is the way of things. This information will be kept under lock and key, and all measures will be taken to protect that information and punish those who desecrate it.

Do not post any content that is deemed unlawful by your feeble government. We are not interested in meddling in its affairs at this time, and will not protect you from it.

In registering, you agree that you are submitting your purpose to the higher cause of the continued proliferation of Blood, and that you are here with sincere and good intentions.

Sign the dotted line to seal your fate.