The episode 2 boss was pathetic.

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The episode 2 boss was pathetic.

Post by BloodyShrimp » Wed May 15, 2019 3:50 am

Hey hey hey! I'm a bit new to blood, i'm on level 3 of episode 3, i'm thinking of switching over to fresh supply soon. But something has stuck in my mind ever since I completed episode 2....WHAT WAS THAT BOSS? Now, I knew it was a spider you had to fight, but I was expecting a huge massive behemoth, not a small joke. I (not kidding) thought at first the boss was a normal enemy. The hit points are small, and the fight is done in like 12 seconds. What was monolith thinking?!?! Anyway, what is your favourite boss out of the all episodes? (Spoilers are fine, its not like Blood's story was the most important part of the game). :twisted:

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Re: The episode 2 boss was pathetic.

Post by Blood of Nightmares » Wed May 15, 2019 2:18 pm

Considering the game was made during the 1990s and it's not like they couldn't come up with more impressive bosses it's just that they had to work with certain limitations they had at the time mainly due to either hardrive space or a short deadline so they just recycled existing enemies and made them larger and reskinned/recolored them and presented them as bosses (as the case for both Cheough and Shial) unlike Cerberus and Tchernobog that's for sure.

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Re: The episode 2 boss was pathetic.

Post by Daedalus » Wed May 15, 2019 5:51 pm

Welcome to Altar of Stone, fresh blood.

The thing about Blood is that it's challenging, but there's still a wild divide between its lower difficulties and the higher ones. Enemies that might be a minor nuisance on Still Kicking can cause mayhem in the right situation on Extra Crispy.

I don't know what difficulty you were playing on, but let's assume it was one of the harder ones. Yes, Shial is quite disappointing, but something to keep in mind is that the way in which first person shooters are played has changed fundamentally over the years. You might have an array of skills, conquests under your belt, and an efficient control setup that was rare or non-existent at the time Blood was released.

Players which are slower, or more easily frightened could possibly find Shial quite overwhelming - especially those with arachnophobia! :mrgreen:

The simple fact is that with sufficient skill and the right setup, Blood bosses by themselves will never really give you pause. To look at Blood's bosses in a vacuum does present a bleak situation, but Shial is beautiful as part of the tapestry of Even Death May Die's magnificence. She hungers and waits at the end of a very long, cold road, and the atmosphere and tension is brilliant.

For myself, and most, the unquestioned best boss is that of Episode 1. The introduction to the Cheogh fight is fantastic, and it's the emotional climax of the game. Cheogh's also terrifying when you fight him for the first time.

I strongly suggest sticking with "conventional" Blood until at least you have finished all of it once before attempting Fresh Supply; it gives a skewed impression of Blood's glory that will poison the well for newcomers.
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