Altar of Stone Usermap Hosting Now Available!

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Altar of Stone Usermap Hosting Now Available!

Post by Daedalus » Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:16 pm


We've been at work behind the scenes to develop a method whereby users can upload their Blood usermaps or episodes to Altar of Stone in order to be preserved for eternity, and I am proud to announce that our first iteration of the system is complete.

Posts on Altar of Stone's forum now support 7z, ace, bz2, gtar, gz, rar, tar, tgz and zip formats of up to 700 megabytes each. This is on the house, so feel free to upload even the most gargantuan of addons - though I wish those involved the best of luck in trying to reach that 700MB limit. :twisted:

Like I've mentioned in the past, at a later date (when the site exists as something even more powerful than this staging ground) I plan for the site to have a page which will neatly empower users with the ability to upload maps and even episodes with a few simple steps, but for the time being the system will require the following manual steps in order to host and share your Blood creations with the world:
  1. Download the text file attached to this post and modify it accordingly - it'll greatly help with categorization, and maps without any context are often very challenging to discern the purpose of.
  2. Compile your maps and any files you'd like included (presumably .ini files or any miscellaneous content), along with the modified text file, in an archive.
  3. Create a thread announcing your new map or episode in the appropriate board. Add your archive as an attachment, and feel free to attach images or videos as you please to your post.
Having done all this, your work will be preserved for the remainder of time, and will be able to be freely downloaded by all future generations.

I close the thread with the template text document and an example of one filled out correctly. Contact me in this thread in the event of any confusion.

Farewell for now.


Template Text:

Code: Select all

                              ALTAR OF STONE

Map Type                : Singleplayer | Bloodbath | Capture the Flag
Title                   : x 
File Name:		: x.MAP
Date                    : x
Author                  : x
Description             : x
Accompanying Files      : x (optional)
Known Bugs:		: x (optional)

Single Player		: Yes | No
Cooperative Support	: No | Yes
Bloodbath 		: No | Yes
Capture the Flag Support: No | Yes

Multi-Difficulty Support: No | Yes
Suggested Difficulty	: Still Kicking | Pink on the Inside | Lightly Broiled | Well Done | Extra Crispy | None

New Graphics            : No | Yes
New Music               : No | Yes
New Sound FX            : No | Yes


Downloaded from - becoming more like Kevin every day.
Correctly modified example:

Code: Select all

                              ALTAR OF STONE

Map Type                : Singleplayer
Title                   : Cradle to Grave 
File Name:		: E1M1.MAP
Date                    : 31.05.1997
Author                  : James "Shade" Wilson
Description             : An exciting map in which you exit a crypt and pass through a morgue. See if you can find the super secret!
Accompanying Files      : No
Known Bugs:		: You can see a 'hall of mirrors' effect if you look towards the graveyard from the morgue's window.

Single Player		: Yes
Cooperative Support	: Yes
Bloodbath 		: Yes
Capture the Flag Support: Yes

Multi-Difficulty Support: Yes
Suggested Difficulty	: None

New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
New Sound FX            : No


Downloaded from - becoming more like Kevin every day.
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