Dark exploration into Blood's operation and modifications which weren't intended by the creators lie beyond.
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Post by Pest » Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:37 am

Based on Volkov Commander v4.5, this shell includes everything that player and modder needs. It includes all tools for editing Blood that can be run directly from filemanager. With this shell you can easy work with Blood files by clicking on it without any "load dialogs".

The most important thing - this shell also support working in sub-directories. No matter where you store your files - just click on it and it opens in associated program.

The shell is designed to work in DosBox, but should work in pure DOS too (preferable FreeDos release). Install process is pretty easy, see instructions below. Basically, this program is adapted for mod developers, but can be used by players for easy map or addon start, demo playing or even listening midi music and Blood RAW sounds.

  • Run addons/maps without BAT/COM/EXE files (if it's not really required for proper working).
    You may just select INI or MAP file in filemanager to run Blood.
  • Quickly edit MAP files in MAPEDIT without need of selecting map in load dialog.
  • Edit QAV and SEQ files quickly just by selecting required file in filemanager.
  • Playback DEM files in Blood.
  • Listen MID and RAW files (if you have sound enabled).
  • Play Blood with different CFG files.
  • Extract data or even generate RFS script from RFF archives.
  • Add data from RFS script to BLOOD.RFF or SOUNDS.RFF.
  • Add files to RFF archives.
  • View and edit KVX models.
  • Run CRK (patch) files.


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