"Domus Durbentia" - The Cultist Language

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"Domus Durbentia" - The Cultist Language

Post by Crunatus » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:48 pm


Domus Durbentia, or Dark Wisdom in English; is the made up language by Monolith the cultists in Blood and Blood 2 speak. It is a mix of Latin and Sanskrit. The only words and phrases we know of were released by Monolith many years ago, and it is a shambled incomplete list. Even the Wiki page for Domus Durbentia contains words that don't have a translation. It has two forms, Formal (for writing) and Colloquial (for casual conversations). It was made by Daniel Bernstein.

I've had a passion for dead and made up languages, and the sharp and commanding style of DomDur is appealing. I've linked the websites and sources for DomDur and a few sites I use myself when coming up with my fan additions to the language. I will post the words known from the wiki; but first post my ideas on some potential words for the language. Please feel free to add your own, there is no one to dictate what goes and what does not for DomDur.

Pronunciation: http://preces-latinae.org/thesaurus/Int ... iatio.html
All latin letters are pronounced exactly as they sound and there is no silent letters.

Crunatus's Experimental Words:

Ayupe (Ah-you-pae) - Hi
Libcack (lib-cack) - Book
Dhef (de-hef) - Definitely/agreed
Alaeo (ah-lay-o) - Goodbye
Ameanex (amean-ex) - drug
Nullax (nuel-lax) - Nothing
Nurar (nu-rar) - Nope; formal no.
Nura (new-ra) - No
Moscou (moose-cuo) - fuck you, dammit
Lawtin (law-tean) - Latin
Snasdit (snas-deit) - Sanskrit
Nosco - we
ocitous (ock-see-ti-ose) - French
Tahtsvyate (tats-nah-vanay-te) - to proclaim

"Domus Durbentia" (DomDur)
Nouns / adjectives:

Blood (formal) - cruo
To make bloody (colloquial) - cruonita
Bloodthirsty (colloquial) - cruonit
Bloodhungry (formal) - cruentu
Bloodshed (colloquial) - cruensseasrjit
Blood brother (formal)- crunatus
Believer (formal) - rudsceleratus
Believer (colloquial) - rud’minuox
Massacre (colloquial) - cruo-stragaraNa
Massacre (formal) - prayaNavita
Death (colloquial) - marana
Heaven (formal) - maravita
Blood heaven (formal) - pretiacruento
Order (formal) - vilomaxus
Blessed (formal) - pestis cruento
Curse (formal) cruento pestis
Home (formal) domus-bhaava
Light (formal) acerbus-shatruex
Enemies (formal) Shatruex
Dark (formal) domus
To make dark (formal) infuscomus
Unbeliever / Humanity (colloquial) malax
Unbeliever Humanity (formal) caecux
Foreigner (formal) infirmux
Living dead (formal) pretaanluxis
Spirit (formal) praaNsilenux
Spirit (colloquial) tuulenux
Shit (colloquial) exim’ha
Eat (colloquial) vorox
Drink (colloquial) bibox
Unquenchable (formal) quodpipax
World (formal) lokemundux
Weakling (colloquial) pallex
Pray (formal) profanuxes
Pray (colloquial) profanx
Hate (formal) invisuu
Hate (colloquial) invisux
Love (formal) odiosuu
Love (colloquial) odiosux
Gun (colloquial) vigra
Ecstasy/enlightenment (formal) cruento paashaeximus
Chaos (formal) shaantitus
Wisdom (formal) durbentia
Fresh (colloquial) crudux


To become (formal) bhuudesco
To become (colloquial) desco
To be (formal) bhuuesco
To be (colloquial) esco
To have, possess (formal) geropayati
To have, possess (colloquial) gero
To do, to inflict upon (formal) hatanoceo
-Crunatus; Alaeo!

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