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Altar of Stone Forums - What Lurks Beneath

Post by Daedalus » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:36 pm


While at the time of this writing the site is in a very humble state, it is my will that it shall eventually rise to be the greatest offering of Blood that the world shall ever know. In this place we shall assemble the most faithful and skilled of the Bloodites in order to foster the most comprehensive, devoted, accurate and enjoyable nexus of Blood-related activity and worship.

Behold, I will share with you a vision of what the future holds. While a large amount of these features will require a substantial amount of time to develop, through strange aeons we'll triumph and set our legacy in stone.

Short-term plans:
  • Launch the site forum and open it to the public.
  • Assemble the faithful.
  • Add a more attractive style to the Youtube button seen when creating and replying to threads.
  • Add a series of customised Blood emoticons.
At this point the forum will be considered complete. It will then come to pass that the framework for the main site that will serve as a portal to the forum and an archive of Blood information will be created, which can be considered a more down-the-line, midway goal.

Here is a list of what I intend to document on the main site:
  • A timeline showing Blood's release dates and other significant events and points of interest in Blood's lifespan.
  • A list of credits detailing the mighty souls responsible for Blood's creation.
  • High quality captures/scans of all physical media related to Blood.
  • Official artwork of Blood.
  • Blood's accompanying manuals and strategy guide text and physical scans thereof.
  • A level list for all official Blood maps.
  • A walkthrough for all official Blood maps.
  • A list of all the secret areas in the game, where to find them and their contents.
  • A list and description of cinematics found in Blood.
  • A list of Blood's music.
  • A detailed list and description of all Blood's monsters.
  • A detailed list and description of all Blood's weaponry and ammunition.
  • A detailed list and description of all Blood's powerups and items.
  • A complete list of all Blood's cheat codes and their effects.
  • A complete list of all versions of Blood.
  • A detailed breakdown of all of Blood's changes throughout its development.
  • A complete list of all Blood's bugs.
  • A list of both official and unofficial Blood utility files.
  • A basic information news feed detailing what's new on the site and in the Blood universe.
Regarding the long-term:

In the long term I intend to create a Youtube channel to spread Blood's glory to the masses and hopefully reap a new generation of fanatics for Blood's cause. I have yet to see a dedicated Youtube channel which presents Blood in a polished way that might better grab the attention of onlookers. This channel will have a close relationship with the final form of Altar of Stone, and will serve as an optional visual and audio supplement to its written content.

On this channel I will explain Blood's history, document its powerups, weapons, monsters, bugs, quirks and cheat codes in meticulous detail, upload high quality videos of the official maps showing gameplay - conventional (with 100% "scores"), pitchfork only, pitchfork starts, multiple difficulties and speedruns, both with and without commentary, essentially building up the most detailed guide and collection of information the game has ever seen.

I will also in this time make detailed guides to Mapedit functionality in full. I have never seen guides that have been entirely satisfactory, and the documentation for Mapedit is usually mediocre at best. I would love to have Mapedit be more accessible to those who are worthy of its operation.

Obviously, this channel cannot exist without Blood's music and cinematics being included... and Unlock the Secrets can get a dishonourable spot there, too.

Finally, for the sake of fun and to ensure that everyone gets well above their recommended dose of carnage, I will also broadcast playthroughs of all usermaps and user-made campaigns ever made - no matter the quality! I've been told in the past that it's enjoyable to watch me play Blood, so it's something that the world should likely have more access to.

The Mapedit guide will be written and include the video content as an optional extra, since video is an excellent means of education.

Finally, regarding the long-term, we shall have a repository on this site that hosts all of Blood's user-made content in existence - particularly maps and campaigns - in completion, in all their respective glory and hideousness!

Finally, the extreme long-term:

In the extreme long-term I intend for the site to fully support the upload of usermaps and campaigns, and allow for their download and access by the faithful - with commentary and discussion, of course. While I suspect that there might be a more rudimentary form of this created at an earlier interval, it'll likely be some time before it's completely configured to the quality standard that I expect for this website.

I would also like a type of leaderboard which tracks Bloodbath scores in order to see who has spilled the most Blood in recent times!

Of course, the site wouldn't be complete without the festival of Blood continuing in Bloodbath tournaments eventually being held by this community!

There will of course also be both animal and human sacrifices.

So ends the list of my plans for the moment. These may not reflect the actual timelines in which features roll out, but hopefully they give insight on what can be reasonably expected later. As always, the life essence of this initiative is based in the community, and those of tremendous faith and will are invited to lend their aid in this process.

You'll know what to do when the time comes.

Keep it flowing!
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