Snow Day

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Snow Day

Post by Gunz » Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:37 pm

Singleplayer map

Want to include this map in sake of one of the other maps ive done with ocpjr.. Classic map orginally Osiris32 by Zillas(Germany) a duker!

Way far away in the Atlantic Sea Caleb finds a old fishing Harbor OcpSr been raving about the Tilapia there. So he decided to go out fishing for it, rather did he know it actually existed out there on island. Get there by boat, Caleb must fight his obstacles on yet, a day when it was cold and bitter out, A Snow DAY! and all the employees were home, but the zombies came out to eat all the goodies. Kick there butts before they eat all the fish and swim your ass back to dodge. hehe..
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